love me today, don't leave me tomorrow
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Bromance. @adamlevine @BeginAgain

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shevine & season 6 || β€˜It’s a really great job, we get to have the time of our lives. And I get to make new friendships, like this one, with my homie, Mr. Blake Shelton.’

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Anonymous: I luv u're blog Adam, it's so freakin amazing keep it up!!!!! I luv u're dog it's so adorable!!!!!!!! Where did u get it??

Okay seriously I am not Adam Levine

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Anonymous: When u get married r u planning to have children or are do u still need time to think about it??? 😍😍😍😍

I think you wanted to ask this to Adam Levine but unfortunately I’m not him, I’m just a fan who owns a blog.. sorry

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@ChristinaGrimmie: Because my coach is the best coach.

Love them
Title: adam levine imitating shakira
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